Help Desk Agent

Hire help desk support agents

A help desk serves as a central hub for addressing customer inquiries, requests, and support needs. Our skilled agents are equipped to handle a wide range of tickets and efficiently clear out your queue. Utilizing a help desk streamlines the support process and ensures prompt resolution for your customers.

Save You Money

A well-equipped help desk typically includes tier 1 agents to address basic inquiries, subject matter specialists to maintain a comprehensive knowledge base, tier 2 specialists to handle escalated issues, and a manager to oversee daily operations. Outsourcing these functions can significantly reduce annual payroll expenses for your business.

Save Your Time

Our team provides a comprehensive solution for your help desk needs. Whether you already have a help desk in place or are starting from scratch, we can assist in determining the best fit for your budget and needs, and provide expert support in setting up and staffing your help desk to meet your specific requirements.


Ticket Backlog

Ticket backlogs can be overwhelming, but our team is equipped to handle high volume. Resolving tickets can be time-consuming and costly in terms of staffing. By outsourcing this function to Support365days, you can save on payroll expenses while benefiting from our team of experienced agents who are ready to assist you today.

Knowledge Base

Our subject matter experts have the expertise to thoroughly understand your business and assist in building a comprehensive knowledge base. This resource is beneficial for customer self-service and enables quick resolution of tickets. Let us help you create a solid foundation for efficient support operations.


Help Desk Software

Our team has extensive experience with a range of help desk software, including Zendesk, Salesforce, Zoho, Freshdesk, Intercom, and HelpScout. We are also proficient in custom solutions. Let us assist you in choosing the right software and seamlessly integrating it into your business operations.

KPI Reports

We stand by the caliber of our agents and are happy to provide detailed reports on their performance in key areas such as first response time, first contact resolution rate, knowledge base effectiveness, and customer satisfaction (CSAT). These reports will give you insight into the quality of service being provided to your customers.