Email and Chat Support

Hire email agents

Email support is a convenient channel for customers to get assistance with their inquiries. Our customer service agents are highly trained to provide timely and effective support, helping you to achieve inbox zero and ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. With our assistance, you can eliminate backlogs and keep your business running smoothly.


Customer Happiness

Email communication remains a popular choice for customers seeking assistance from businesses. It is important to maintain high standards for email support, as customers often hold this channel in higher regard than live chat or phone support. Investing in a skilled email support team can greatly benefit your business.

English Wordsmiths


While many individuals may be proficient in spoken English, not everyone is skilled in crafting helpful and effective emails. Our agents are trained to handle even the most difficult customers with professionalism and empathy, using their research and communication skills to provide thoughtful responses through email.


Problem Solvers

Email support offers the opportunity for more in-depth problem solving for customers. Our team is committed to delivering high-quality, personalized responses that go above and beyond in addressing each unique situation, with the goal of impressing and satisfying your customers.

Clean Your Inbox


With the potential for a high volume of emails, it can be difficult to keep your inbox organized. However, our team is dedicated to helping you reach inbox zero efficiently and effectively, providing timely responses to ensure a streamlined and manageable email experience.


Quick Response Times

Prompt responses are crucial in delivering excellent customer service, and this holds true for email support as well. We prioritize speed in addressing incoming emails to ensure that our customers’ needs are met in a timely manner.

Email Accuracy Scores


The success of our email support team is evaluated by their ability to effectively resolve issues through this channel. We regularly assess and adjust our processes as needed, and report on any changes that improve the effectiveness of our service.